Products And Services

South Eastern Box Sash Windows has been carrying out Sash Window Restoration over the past 10 years. We offer an incredibly large variety of sash window products to our customers in Kent and London. Unlike many modern companies we try to work with our customers to ensure all of their needs and requirements are met to the fullest. We are a fairly small family run business. We have a local workshop which manufactures all of the joinery products we use and only use the best quality materials because of all of this we are able to give extremely cheap prices to our customers, if you find a genuine like for like quote we will happily match it. Below is a list and descriptions of our main sash window services.

Sash Window Replacement -
If at all possible we will try to avoid sash window replacements. In some cases your sashes may be to rotten and will require replacements.

Counterbalancing Sashes -
Counterbalancing sashes is the cause of many of our customers calling. Many articles on the internet over complicate counterbalancing. The problems with unbalanced sashes, are that your sashes may rise or fall even without use or they won’t stay in place once you have moved them. All that is required to fix this is to add weights to either side of the box which holds your sashes.

Replacement Sill -
Your sash window sill is the first line of defense against water. With cracks in your window sill water can seep through and begin to rot the wood. We repair your will so that no water can enter.

Replacement Sashes -
Over time your sashes may become rotten or irreparable. If your sash windows are too badly damaged to be repaired a replacement sash will be the answer. It is far more common for the bottom sash to require replacing.

Re-Glazing -
We re-glaze windows for many different reasons. A re-glaze is simply replacing your old glass with new glass.

Overhauling -
A sash window overhaul is where we fix any problems with your existing sashes. They may be stuck, hard to operate or in a generally bad condition. We will make sure your windows are running smoothly and are fully operational. We will also install a draught proofing system when we carry out an overhaul.

General Repairs to Sash Windows -
Many sash windows only require a light restoration, a general sash window repair is where we make sure your windows are fully operational and are still in a good condition

Installing Security & Window Furniture -
Security locks and window furniture are an important part of sash windows. It is always a good idea to install security locks. We will happily fit any security locks or window furniture free of charge if supplied.

Installing Window Blinds and Curtains  -
Vertical Blinds are great , because they block light effectively, are durable and insulate well against heat and cold. Blackout Blinds are the perfect window treatment for the home and the perfect solution for blocking out light in a bedroom, office or home cinema room.

Sealing/Re-Pointing Box to Brick -
Eventually the pointing around your windows will require repairing or replacing.