About Us

South Eastern Box Sash Window has a wide range of Products and Services. We always try to keep our customers original sash windows where possible as part of our sash window services in Kent and London. Many of these sash windows are over 100 years old! Many companies that service sash windows will try to replace windows rather than restore. Restoring sash windows is far cheaper than replacing and you can expect to save hundreds of pounds for every window that is restored rather than replaced. If your sash windows are in such a bad condition that we would require replacing them, we always replace your sashes with replica of your windows. This way you can keep the original ornate look of your windows.

South Eastern Box Sash Windows has been servicing the sash windows in South East England for over 10 years. We strongly believe that sash windows are an integral part of English history. Sash windows were first introduced several hundred years ago. Many of the sash windows we service are over a century old! The design of sash windows has changed very little in the several centuries that they have been around. This is testament to their quality.

Many of the window companies operating in the South East will contact you about more modern windows such as, aluminum and uPVC. These types of windows are very expensive and we believe look out of place in many of the traditional properties in London and Kent

Our main goal at South Eastern Box Sash Windows is to restore as many sash windows as possible so that our customers can retain their original and classic sash windows. To ensure that our repairs last as long as possible we only use the best quality materials. The way we restore sash windows is the same as when they were first made. The big difference is the materials we use and modern tools. By teaching our carpenters these methods they become passionate about keeping sash windows alive. One of the biggest drawbacks to sash windows is that they can be noisy, draughty and rattle. All these problems can be simply solved by installing draught proofing which will eliminate all the downsides to sash windows.

If you have any further questions about sash windows or about us then do not hesitate to contact us today for free advice or a no obligation quotation!